The corporal's Diary



Jonathan Santos, 22, documented his 37 days in Iraq on video and in writing; never knowing that day 38 would be his last. 

From high explosives to clandestine home brew, his video footage and witty narrative combine personal musings on life, death, and the future he imagined but would never see. 

His charming buddy, Matthew, who barely survived, brings the war home. Through Jonathan’s handwritten words and videotape,
the film tells a personal and profound story.


Produced by: Patricia Boiko
Directed by: Patricia Boiko and Laurel Spellman Smith
Edited by: Patricia Boiko and Ruth Neuwald Falcon
Original Music by: Brian Kinsella
Music Produced by: Nick Jones
Post Production Director: Gretchen Burger
Graphic Design: Zack Spreacker