Gameshow Dynamos (2014)

60 minutes.

A couple gets their family out of debt by winning on TV game shows from the 1950's to the 1990's. 

Keepers of the Dream: Seattle Women Black Panthers (2020)

54 minutes

Five former Seattle Women Black Panthers tell their stories.

The Corporal's Diary (2008)

54 minutes

2 soldiers in Iraq, one who never returned and one who returned forever changed. 

Abatwa: Challenges for a New Rwanda (2008)

28 minutes. 

The Abatwa Pygmies role in post-genocide society.

Council of Women (2015)

24 minutes 

In the Christian Country of Georgia, Muslim and refugee women organize. 

Bombs Away, Millions a Day (2005)

8 minutes

"It is still worth asking today, what has been done to this land." Russel Jim, Yakama Nation