(2014) 60 minutes.

A couple gets their family out of debt by winning on TV game shows from the 1950's to the 1990's. best documentaries


The Corporal's Diary (2008)  54 Min. 2 soldiers in Iraq, one who never returned and one who returned forever changed. best documentaries


 Abatwa: Challenges for a New Rwanda (2008) 22 minutes. The Abatwa Pygmies role in post-genocide society. documentary film


 Council of Women (2015) 24 Min. Filmed in the Christian Country of Georgia, Muslim and refugee women organize. documentary film


 Bombs Away, Millions a Day

"It is still worth asking today, what has been done to this land." Russel Jim, Yakama Nation documentary film

Radical, international, local, funny, compelling, best documentaries

Keepers of the Dream: Seattle Women Black Panthers (2020, 54 minutes) documentary film