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He was a history teacher. She was a children's author. Together, Bernard and Claire Boiko of Queens, NY were the dead-broke parents of five children. A pair of curiously relatable outsiders, they captured American hearts and saved their family by doing it. Yes! They appeared on TV game shows 28 times over 37 years. From Tic-Tac-Dough (1956), Now You See It, Concentration, Jeopardy!, The Match Game, To Tell the Truth right up to Trivial Pursuit (1993), the Boiko's competed on national television and quite possibly hold the record for individual TV game show appearances by husband and wife. Narrated by their daughter, Patricia, Game Show Dynamos is an all-American story of family, commitment, challenges and a life-long run at the American dream. English with Spanish, Japanese and Korean subtitles. Closed captioned for the hearing impaired. 

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The documentary features the letters to Claire from Bernard when he was on the front lines during the Korean War.  Claire was then stationed in Japan.  Archival  footage of the Korean War and Occupied Japan are featured.  

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