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About the director

Painting by Carolyn Bell

Patricia Boiko, Director

 Patricia is an award winning documentary filmmaker, founding member and past president of the Seattle Documentary Association. She uses her 20 years of documentary filmmaking experience nationally and internationally. Her work is featured in film festivals, TV broadcasts and distributed on Netflix and Amazon Prime. She has received funding from major granting agencies as well as many nonprofit funders. Most recently, she worked with Seattle directors, Tajuan LaBee and Malika Lee to produce and distribute the documentary series, “Keepers of the Dream: Seattle Women Black Panthers.” It completed a successful theatrical run, broadcast, appearance in an art installation and is uploaded for permanent display on the University of Washington's Black Panther history website. Patricia helped direct and film members of the International Tribunal for the Genocide in Rwanda for the acclaimed, Voices from the Rwanda Tribunal. She has been the documentary programmer for the Seattle True Independent Film Festival since 2012. She was a contributing member of an Indymedia collective from 2003 to 2010 where she produced short stories about social and political issues for a weekly television broadcast IndyMedia Presents and a video quarterly. She received producer training in the local PBS sponsored program, New Voices, and is certified in Documentary Film Production by the University of Washington. 



  • Humanities Washington Documentary Fund Award
  • Winner in the Premiere of The Future is 0, game show.
  • The Pacific Pioneer Documentary Fund Award
  • 4 Culture Heritage Grant
  • 4 Culture Arts Grant
  • Public Participation Grant Award Washington State Department of Ecology
  • The Malcolm Peterson WPSR Award
  • Finalist for the Altoids Independent Cinema Award
  • Most Powerful Documentary at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival
  • Best Film at the Truth or Consequences Film Festival
  • Documentary aired on the award winning documentary “Witness TV Series”
  • Best Film at the Seattle Faith and Film Festival
  • Most Heroic Film at The Seattle True Independent Film Festival
  • Distinguishing Features Seattle Art Museum,

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highlight on film reviews


From one Jeopardy Champ to Another


“An endlessly charming look at one of the only purely American art forms–the humble game show–and a uniquely American family that spent the better part of forty years winning on them. Even if you’re not a game show junkie like I am, this documentary has lovely gifts for you.”
-Ken Jennings
Jeopardy! Champion of Champions who won over 74 games and $2.52 million. Bestselling author, TV host and speaker.


From a Film Professor and Entertainment Attorney


“ High-spirited, light-hearted (even when it’s sad), loving, romantic, funny, fun, eye-opening. I adore this movie! When I say ‘I laughed, I cried’ I really mean it.”
-Robert C. Cumbow
Film Professor, Seattle University
Attorney, Graham & Dunn


From a Film Critic

"The Corporal's Diary" is a heartfelt tribute to a human being by those who loved him. With neither political slant nor ulterior motive, the film communicates the personal cost of war in such intimate terms that the viewer becomes more an empathetic mourner than observer. 

Bill White, Movie Reviewer, Seattle Post-Intelligencer